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TOMATOES! At last!

Nothing signals the beginning of summer like the arrival of tomatoes at the farmers’ markets. We are happy to say that our tomatoes are ripening on the vines and each day we have more to pick.

Tomatoes from the June 9 Spotsylvania Farmers Market

Along with our red juicy tomatoes, we also have green tomatoes and even some straw tomatoes. We use the term straw tomatoes for those tomatoes that are in between green and perfectly ripe. Straw tomatoes are great to use when you don’t quite like the tart, acidic green ones.

I’ve added a link from North Carolina Cooperative Extension to answer the question, “What is a green tomato?” Scroll down after the article to find some tasty green tomato recipes.


The green tomatoes we have at the market right now are just unripe red tomatoes. We will have quite a variety of different colored heirloom tomatoes later in the season. Stay tuned.

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